Mono fin for sale on DBA, Blocket mm.

There are occasionally used mono fins for sale on and mm.

For starters, there are these links:

A mono fin unknown mark str. 39-42 on DBA. dk 400 DKK

WaterWay mono fin model 1, str. 44-45 on DBA. dk 700 DKK

WaterWay mono fin model 2, str. 43-44 on DBA. dk 1.000 DKK

See more links in the comments in the future.

Photo: Marie Lynge

/Sanne Viktor


5 Responses to "Mono fins for sale on DBA, Blocket mm."

  1. Sanne says:

    Waterway model 2, Sheet: medium. str. 43-44 with bag. 1000 DKK

  2. Sanne says:

    Other mono fins pt. is available for sale at

  3. Sanne says:

    In invited to Christmas sale at

    Since we are talking about pure websalg, can all be with. There can be saved 25% on selected items, such as.

    – Slip mono fins – several sizes.
    – 3D camu suits 5 and 7 mm
    – Cressi model 90 harpoons
    – Alien mask (clear silicone)
    – Millennium fin str. 46/48
    – Atoll buoys.

    As well as surprises on the day.

    The offers will only be able to be seen and ordered d. 1 December 2013 on

  4. Sanne says:

    SUPER deals on Mono fins from the waterway. Spar 30-50%
    Sale on mono fins starts on , Monday (d). 3/3-2014 and lasts as long as stock lasts. However, the last forward to d. 10/3-2014. Offer valid only for waterway mono fins as in stock (the offer will be active Monday. 3/3-2014 KL. 12. Call evt. 25 78 36 97, If you are unsure or have any questions.

  5. Sanne says: There are now many mono fins on the second-hand market

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